I walked into the abyss
Hoping to find the beacon of light
The light that reveals the secrets of path
And fills the vision with strength of faith!

I dived into the trench
Hoping to find the pearl of divinity
The divinity that guides the heart to purpose
And fills the life with wisdom of yore!

I soared into the sky
Hoping to shine like the sun of morality
The morality that stands tall in adversity
And preserves the self with cocoon of serenity!

I recharted my arduous journey
Hoping to find the fulfillment of love
The love that enchants the soul to core
And beholds the inner beauty till final encore!

I stood resolute in the wake of storm
For the storm outside, I was the storm…



I had finally started to walk
Having crawled my life for a while
The knee that had dwindled in wake of shock
Exuding power again to the mast of life!

I had finally started to see the light
Having wandered in darkness for a while
The eye that had blinded in aftermath of flare
Returning vision again to the beauty of life!

I had finally started to hear the melody
Having absorbed the noise for a while
The ears that had numbed in explosion of heart
Turning euphony again to the rhythm of life!

I had finally started to breathe
Having seized to pulsate for a while
The soul that had frozen in stab of spite
Reincarnating again to the fervour of life!

I had finally started to live
Having died inside for quite a while…


The stormy nights had subsided
Though a calm day was not guaranteed
But the streaks of dawn impressed on
It felt that the weather was transforming!

The wild sea had calmed down
Though easy tidings were not guaranteed
But the synchronicity of waves impressed on
It felt that the tides were changing!

The dense forest had opened up
Though finding a life was not guaranteed
But the windings of path impressed on
It felt that a new journey was calling!

The blurry haze had receded
Though clear vision was not guaranteed
But the glimpses of horizon impressed on
It felt that a beautiful world was beckoning!

And with hope, I spread my wings…


The first rain pours down
Reminiscent of some rains gone by
The drops that once marked the dark clouds
Coming off to open up the clear sky!

The leaves of the green flutter
In tandem with some wind run by
The dried figs that marked the scape
Soaking up to start a new life!

The dry Earth swells up
Overcoming the parch entwined
The dull seam that went unnoticed
Exuding aroma of a new rise!

The infinite sky thunders on
Synonymous to the life bygone
The darkness that consumed the light
Giving way to the silver lining in sight!

The rain washes off; and so does my emotion..

I; am…

I am cold, but not frozen
The desire may be low
But the blood still runs
Determined to keep me alive!

I am angry, but not raged
The spirit may be low
But the emotions still conjoin
Determined to wait some more time!

I am thirsty, but not parched
The energy may be low
But the voice still echoes
Determined to reach new heights!

I am wounded, but not broken
The strength may be low
But the body still reverberates
Determined to put up one more fight!

I; am the chosen one, not just one…



I whispered when I couldn’t speak
For, I thought someone would listen to my pain
The words were lost in the epiphany of life
To echo on the rhythm of melancholy fife..

I stooped when I couldn’t stand the storm
For, I thought someone would hold me still
The vision was clouded by the intensity of rain
To have the tears mix up in vain..

I crawled when I couldn’t walk
For, I thought someone would lift me up
The fortitude was shaken in the barrenness of humanity
To fight for rising on the pyre of insensitivity..

I survived when I couldn’t live
For, I thought someone would revive my soul
The spirit was drowned in the entanglement of destiny
To wander in search of its true identity..

Life is a journey and my tale goes on
For, now I am the destiny and I am the storm..


There shall be a time
When gloom would take me over
When life shall be heaved
But it is not this time!

There shall be a place
Where my hopes shall die
Where dreams shall be rested
But it is not this place!

There shall be a world
Where impassiveness will run my veins
Where melancholy be the order
But it is not this world!

There shall be a day
When my spirits be beaten and undone
When the soul shall wreak of agony past
But it is not this day!

This day, I rise and walk…


I set foot to the onset of dawn
With remnants of dusk in my eyes..
The light that fills freshness in heart
Lost in the darkness on my part!

I set sail to the glory of horizon
With desolation of storm in my vibe..
The vision that drives awakening of soul
Hidden in the abyss of my inner sole!

I set climb to the majesty of mountain
With depth of trench in my stride..
The perseverance that feeds strength to goal
Falling in the resignation of my assigned role!

I set flight to the grandeur of universe
With triviality of existence as my curse..
The love that brings joy to life
Lurking in the distance for the end of time!


The mind was mulish,
Words full of aggression..
In the conversation of trust,
My love was forsaken!

The behavior was belligerent,
Eyes full of wrath..
In the music of life,
My chord was broken!

The ego was entwined,
Heart full of malice..
In the book of reverence,
My chapter was trodden!

The stake was supreme,
The course uncharted..
In the quest for singularity,
My journey was maiden!

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