Soul Split Open

Life breeds hope, hope breeds life
Charged by imagination, withered by expectation
A past to brood, a future so crude
The chalice of morality, unfulfilled by duality.

No knowledge of the divine plan, wandering hither to find an élan
When relations are just a name, the heart pumps only for the flame
The flame of the twin, the flame of the soul
Imploding within, for a purpose and goal.

O Shiva, O Nanak, O Jesus, O Allah
Show me the way, show me the nest
Patience my child, all in good time
Life is my movie, live it like a mime.

You are made of grit, you are made of gold
You may not glitter, but you will surely behold
Here I am the captain, you are the sparrow
Fly like a bird, and know no sorrow..


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